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African wild life

Wild life is quite spectacular and breathtaking; especially if you found yourself among many wild animals and do not know what to do. If you like unforgettable adventures you can definitely go to one of the places in Africa and check yourself in African safari.


For people who can't live without travels, new places and magnificent views, there is free download windows theme with 15 amazing pictures of beaches, seas, oceans and sunset. What can be best, then the view of a heavenly beautiful landscape of the place where you want to stay forever.

Beautiful birds

If you want to make your life and work more colorful, bright and interesting, you just need to consider this free download windows theme with beautiful birds. You will get 15 pictures of diverse birds of any size, kind, shape and color.

Beauty Britain

Many travelers all around the word know that one of the top places to visit is Britain. No wonder, because this place has many scenes to offer and it has absolutely spectacular views and landscapes all around the island.

Bicycle ride

Definitely every person in own life has once tried to ride a bike, and for sure this kind of entertainment and sport didn’t live most of the people indifferent. If you are among of them then free download windows theme about bicycle ride is definitely for you.

Big map Europe

Our planet is so big, that you might not have time to visit all the places for your lifetime, even if you have enough money. But modern technologies went far enough, and now you can see any corner of the world with the help of pictures and maps made from the satellites in the space.

Chickens can't fly

Cartoon chickens are fun and cute, and they can make the mood even if your day started badly. Just download windows themes, set it on your computer and enjoy pleasant music and pictures of hilarious chickens.

Classic American road trip

Travelling is a very wide topic to discuss and an interesting action to participate. For many people, it is unacceptable way of life when one stays a home all the time and doesn’t see the world around.

Creepy Webs

Not everyone likes flowers, animals, nature or so on, and sometimes one needs something special and unique to upgrade own device. In this case you can download windows theme with creepy webs.


Who don’t like dolphins? Maybe those, who never saw them in reality, because those who did, will absolutely agree that dolphins are among the most charming, nice, magnetic and smart animals one can find.

Pages: 12