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Dramatic skies

There will be over 20 pictures of beautiful skies on your computer after you download windows theme dramatic sky. Every time when you change the picture on your screen, it becomes so unique and unlike that you need time to get used to it.


For people who like speed, roads and motorbikes, the best option is to download windows themes about bikes, in this case namely Ducati. This Italian brand has long been known among users and potential buyers for its quality and speed.


What associations do you have with the word forest? First of all it is nature, fresh air, free time and pleasure. In every season of the year a forest looks differently but still charming and attractive.

Frozen Formations

Ice is not only the representative of cold, it is also a symbol of eternity and preservation. Some people are afraid of the thought that they can be lost in the endless ice and they never travel there where they can see real glaciers.

Lovely Tulips

Certainly, there are people who love flowers, namely tulips, and can’t resist their presence in the life. Tulips are among the first flowers which appear from the ground in spring.


Wearing masks in life sometimes helps to hide certain facts of own life, prevent problems or avoid disputes. However, sometimes people who wear a mask do not understand that they live not own life.

Natural landscapes

What can be more beautiful and charming than landscapes of nature with its deep waters, magnificent forests, high mountains and places which catch up the breath? Nature on our planet is very diverse and all the pictures you see are taken by real people.


Funny rabbits on your screen are the integral attribute on your computer if you like to stay in fine fettle. If you are tired of ordinary themes and pictures, download windows themes with rabbits.

Relict of the sea

For many centuries people have used their knowledge and skills to make their life easier and all the processes faster. Among the main inventions which humanity has is transport.

Summer Blooms

Colorful flowers in free download windows themes are not rare. There are many of options to choose from. Moreover, they are very popular because they easily attract users’ attention with the bright colors, which sometimes are not enough in life.

Pages: 12