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Food and drinks are something more than vital means of subsistence for all living beings on earth; for people they are part and parcel of national identity and culture. As each nation is recognizable by its national costumes and houses they live/lived in, in the same way it’s easy to define to what nationality a person belongs by food they are used to eat since childhood.

Today, most people have an opportunity to taste the dishes from the countries all over the world not leaving the city they dwell in. Here and there, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, etc., restaurants are set up.

Although it’s exciting to discover something new, one’s roots aren’t to be forgotten: along with appreciating foreign cuisine, national one should be popularized and supported anyway. It’s our traditions which are to be preserved.

If you are a gourmet, cookery expert, or a person who may still be impressed by some new dish, look through the set of food and drink wallpapers we’d like to offer. Every time you’re going to switch on devices where wallpapers on food and drink are installed, eat substantially, because our images in high resolution will make your mouth water.

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Pages: 1234567891011121314151617