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Human-beings have been always interested in the unknown. Space is one of those matters that arouse more questions than answers. Consequently, it is an object of huge attention as well as research. Fortunately, modern equipment allows us to get in contact with the universe through images and video records. In addition, dedicated wallpapers on space are intended to lift the veil and make the unknown a common thing.

What kinds of sceneries arouse our admiration? True images of the Earth taken from spaceships, photos of stars shower, cometary meteors in far-away galaxies, the Milky Way, the sun/lunar eclipse, and other atmospheric phenomena awake keen interest to figure out how all things out there work. For sure, some images are a pure fiction based on scientific presumptions on which way the infinity looks like. Due to this, it is possible to speculate about other galaxies, aliens as well as other dimensions.

What do you think about our universe? Don’t you know yet? Well, it’s high time you made personal assumptions. Our selection of space wallpapers is a great assistant in this issue. Pick one for your PC (laptop, tablet, etc.) and be the first to explore the unbeaten open space!

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Pages: 1234567891011121314151617