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You’re getting suntan in a deserted resort, enjoying rich fruits and cold soda. Ocean waves soothingly crash against the shore, warm wind gently uncurls coils of hair. Silence and nonchalance are kings in this paradise… What a pity! It’s only your fantasy suggesting by realistic beach wallpapers!

In spite of the fact that it’s only imagery, it might work well for your everyday life. Tired of routine tasks, endless meetings, and household chores? Save a minute for yourself: dream about your future summer vacation, make some notes of prospective destinations, browse the images of longed-for resorts. Such unsophisticated activities are sure to relieve strain, distract your mind, and refresh toil-worn body.

On the other hand, beach wallpapers might call up fond memories about a by-past trip (wedding tour, family holidays, solitary journey, etc.). The image of a wild shoreline during sunrise/sunset with lonesome bungalows, shells and seagulls will definitely carry you from a perpetual commotion to an infinite lightness of existence.

Check out our hand-picked gallery of desktop backgrounds on beach topic. Let yourself immerse into the world of relaxation and serenity!

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Pages: 1234567891011121314151617