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What can be more conciliating than nature?! It helps us get rid of everyday routine, emotional stress, and rueful feelings. Instead, it fills our hearts with joy, bring hope in the most complex situations, and facilitate in solving various issues. There is nothing better than walking along the park after a busy day or having a picnic with friends in the countryside across weekend. Don’t get upset, if you are void of such opportunities; nature wallpapers are reasonably good substitutes for real landscapes.

High-quality replicas of natural scenery make our imagination create tunnels to the other world. It’s so easy to be in two places at a time: in a stuffy office and in a far-away meadow with virgin grass, multicolor wildflowers, bird chants, and blue sky; in a ‘cold’ hi-tech apartment and in the Alpine hills with millennial rocks and lush vegetation; in an overcrowded subway and a deserted island with palm-trees, wild animals, and succulent fruits; in a store queue and on the beach with seagulls’ twittering and a wash sound.

Wallpapers on nature might be installed on all your computing devices (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone) so you could get in touch with true nature at any location just by enabling a desktop.

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