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There are people whose fate decreed that their life would be connected with the skies. That’s why for them it’s a torture even to imagine existence merely on earth. If one managed to sail up into the clouds once, the sky won’t let them go.

What can be more pleasant than hovering in mid-air through soft clouds that resemble cotton candies? There must be nothing more delightful than to welcome a brand-new day flying towards the rising sun; as well as there cannot be found anything more marvelous than to be simultaneously enveloped in orange, purple, and pink coming from burning sunset.

Having a bird’s-eye view of the world, it seems to be totally transformed; there’s nothing left from what we see every day on earth. Moreover, the sky let you relax escaping from day-to-day troubles and people; it’s where you are your own self.

On this website, you can find planes wallpapers which show not only mighty man-made inventions such as planes, but also that beauty pilots see in flight. All of images presented here – wallpapers on planes included – are performed in high resolution for their viewers to enjoy their charm to the full.

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