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Music is omnipresent! This is not an exaggeration, since one can easily find it in a screaming howling wind, in a birdsong, in the voice of the stream as well as in every heartbeat. Indeed, each and every action is accompanied with a particular tune, be it a sound of steps in a total silence or a chatter of keyboard keys in a busy office. Good news is that you are free to take the sounds of life whenever you go by installing music wallpapers on your computing devices.

People perceive music quite differently. Some see it as a set of correctly put sheets, others understand it as a unanimous assemble of instruments, whereas the rest simply feel tunes with their soul. Whatever life event we outlive, it’s barely possible to go without any kind of a song or other piece of work. Festal occasions are attended by reassuring, solemn and joyful tunes, while on sad occasions we sing/play/listen to melancholic songs.

Moreover, each event in our life is celebrated with a direct participation of a certain type of music works. For instance, a ceremonial march is a symbol of every wedding party, centuries-old carols are attributes of X-Max celebrations, national anthems are a true pride of any state, and a ‘B day’ song is a glorification of life and a reminder of its transience simultaneously. No matter what spirit you are now, be sure to receive soul ravishment with our selection of music wallpapers.

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