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There’s nothing more beautiful than the wild world; each species is unique. What animals do you like: cats, horses, bears, squirrels, fur seals? They are all here in our set of animals wallpapers. Enjoy the images of high quality (even the ones of those species that don’t exist anymore…).

Who says people are higher beings? People are foolish by nature. Set aside the fact that we have been reaping the fruits of technological progress and industrial revolution that changed life on the planet forever; leave out of account numerous scientific inventions due to which we live in such a way today; take no account that we’ve already reached the sacred skies living or working in skyscrapers and flying like birds by planes. All this is tarnished by the damage we’ve done to natural environment and its inhabitants to reach it. With all our knowledge, intelligence, and experience, most of us haven’t understood it yet…

Erich Maria Remarque said that what cannot be achieved always seems to be better than what we already possess; it’s romance and idiocy of our life. Thousands of extinguished defenseless and innocent animals are on the mankind’s conscience.

Download wallpapers on animals here and let the eyes that are staring at you from the screen be a constant reminder that people aren’t the hub of the world; there are other beings that need our help and care.

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