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Subaquatic world boggles the mind with surrealistic colors, rich vegetation, and extraordinary inhabitants. Exploring this universe by the unaided eye is hardly possible; that is the task for dedicated equipment (cameras, recorders, transmitters, etc.) that unveils all mysteries. The results of recording process are seen in multiple images, underwater wallpapers and documentary movies.

Unlike land-based scenery, submarine life cannot exist without its main recuperative resource - water. The latter is the home area for billions of organisms, including one-celled protozoa, seaweed, shells, jellyfish, and mammals. All of them have to adapt to the current conditions and survive any challenges triggered by deep waters.

Wanna feel the power of ocean, smell a salty breeze, watch the sunrays penetrating into the depth, have a hunt with a shark, take a joyful tour with dolphins or play hide-and-seek with bright-colored fish? Well, you have two choices: either gain an offing with the prospect of demersal diving or install underwater wallpapers on your high-resolution PC monitor. Visual effect is nearly the same!

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