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There can hardly be found something more beautiful than natural landscapes. Nature is the most dexterous creator; even in the XXI century, people cannot make anything as beautiful as it does and it’s unlikely that they will manage to do it ever.

However, if to combine natural riches with human skills, the result can be rather impressive – some cities strike with their urban beauty.

In winter, it’s so calming to walk down the paths in a park that are snowed under. Everything is so tranquil – here and there, you can meet only mothers who are walking with their children or spoony couples who are looking for some privacy. In the evening, parks become even more amazing with sparkling snow under your feet and on the trees, and gleaming lamps. It’s easy to lose oneself in musing in such a place.

Although many people don’t like cities and tend to move to suburbs, cities and living here are wonderful in their own way.

If you dream about visiting some city, download its images from our set of city wallpapers presented in high quality. Looking at city wallpapers every day won’t let you forget about your cherished dream and can make you more determined.

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