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Do you watch cartoons? Pay attention that there isn’t any age restriction in the question. The thing is that today’s cartoons are so exciting, true-to-life, emotional, touching, and at the same time funny that even adults and elderly people find them interesting to watch.

Apart from this, modern cartoons aren’t only entertaining; as a rule, they touch upon vital problems of contemporary world and modern life values. It can be killing animals for commercial purposes (“101 Dalmatians”); taking exotic birds from their natural habitat and selling them illegally abroad (“Rio”); infinite love and devotion to your soulmate (“Up”); self-sacrifice, true friendship, and mutual supportiveness (“Ice Age”); and many others.

After watching at least one of them, one doesn’t have the heart to say that watching TV is harmful, especially for children. Indeed, many valuable life lessons can be learnt from them. However, it’s important to identify a worthwhile product.

If you or your children cannot recover from strong emotions experienced while watching some animated film, choose your favorite character from our set of cartoons wallpapers and install its image on your computer desktop. All wallpapers on cartoons presented on this website are in high resolution for their viewers to see all the details clearly.

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