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Holidays are what all people look forward to despite location, age or gender. Indeed, the anticipation of joy, smiling faces, pleasant encounters with relatives and friends is in the air long before the happy moment comes. The celebration usually starts from home decorating and placing holidays wallpapers on all gadgets. Looks like your way of preparation, isn’t it?

Without regard to the existence of hundreds various celebrations, winter and summer feasts are considered to be the most significant ones. That is because in winter all Christians across the world celebrate the holiest day: Christmas. It is the day to commemorate the birth of the Son of God and to give/receive blessings from dears and nears. Besides, it’s always accompanied with chanting, giving presents, and lots of enjoyment.

Summer holidays might not be connected with any feast. Still, they are all about relaxation, suntan, outdoor activities, and… whatever pastime one could imagine. That is why the preparations for the vacation start beforehand. We book hotel/airline tickets, buy leisure clothes, dedicated equipment, and create a picture of the future adventure in our imagination. Those pictures become even more real when we revel in wallpapers about holidays whenever we have the slightest opportunity.

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