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Everyone supposedly knows from movies what 3D technology is. However, not everybody realizes that we actually live in 3D, i.e., three-dimensional physical environment that has height, width, and depth.

Images in 3D look spectacular; they give an impression of being a part of them. If you want to install one on your device, here you’ll find 3D wallpapers to fit every taste.

Genius lies in simplicity. To understand the principle of 3D movies effect, firstly, it’s necessary to understand the principle how human eyes perceive incoming information.

As you know, human eyes are set a certain distance apart that makes us see objects with separate eye slightly differently. At the same time, brain makes up for the discrepancy between two images to provide us with 3D one.

Although such an idea seems to be quite simple, reproducing this effect has become a real challenge for film makers because of extremely high accuracy needed. It is created with the help of two cameras shooting the same scene from different, but maximum precise, angles; otherwise, the scenes won’t be synchronized. To create something special, sometimes looking around is enough.

Do you like cats? It seems that through 3D images it’s possible to stoke them. Do you want to go on vacation? Feel soft sand and cool ocean water through beach wallpapers in 3D presented on this site.

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Pages: 910111213141516171819202122232425